13 Best Shiba Breeders in Pennsylvania! 2022

Tom and Sandy Rolenaitis of Rodel Shibas have been breeding quality puppies since 1988. They got their first set of Shibas as pets but quickly fell in love with the breed. It didn’t take long before they started showing their dogs in AKC shows and breeding. Rodel Shibas is a member of the National Shiba Club and all-breed kennel clubs. The goal at Sunny Acres Kennel is to deliver healthy and happy puppies to families that will love and care for them properly. The breeder started the business because of the love of dogs and the joy they bring into their home.

This site does not constitute pet medical advice, please consult a licensed veterinarian in your area for pet medical advice. Puppies & More get their puppies only from private owners or inspected kennels. All their puppies are covered under the 30-day Pennsylvania Health Guarantee. Petland Monroeville wants their puppies to have the best life possible. So, they make sure to send them to homes in which they receive the best care possible.

The team here focuses on health and longevity when breeding, so many of their customers come back. Brookside Pups is a family-operated kennel that has been in existence for about twenty years. If you want to purchase one of their puppies, you should visit their website or call them.

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