10 Best Rottweiler Rescues for Adoption 2022: Our Top 10 Picks!

Even though your application hasn’t been approved yet, already prepare your house for your Rottie. Evaluators will visit your house and you want them to visualize where your dog will be living. To prepare yourself, know the specific needs, temperament, and other details about the Rottie.

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A group of Rottweiler lovers with over 50 years of shared experience with the breed founded Recycled Rotts, Inc. in the late 1980s. It officially became a non-profit Rottweiler rescue group in 1997 and has been rescuing Rotties in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin ever since. Like most Rottweiler rescue groups, they mostly rely on donations and volunteers. Since its establishment, For the Love of Dog has taken in over 1,900 animals and helped in the rescue of thousands more. They even extended their help to the bully breed and even kittens.

A foster home provides the love and shelter for the dog while SSRR provides and pays for all medical needs. Rocky is a very special boy who desperately needs someone to commit to him. He needs someone who is going to allow him ample time to decompress and adjust to his new surroundings. He wants to please you, he just doesn’t completely understand what is expected of him.

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